What We Do

OpenGate has an in-house team of 20+ Designers, Developers & Creative Managers that specialize in virtual character creation and animation.

Motion Capture

Offering a full service virtual production studio and a passion for motion capture, we are masters at making things move, whether it’s for Feature Films, TV/Commercials, Video Games, VR, or Music Videos.

3D Scanning

Two state of the art photogrammetry booths on site, along with a complete post processing pipeline help create photo real virtual humans and animals at super competitive prices.

Our Services:

OpenGate offers an array of services that make us your one stop shop for virtual production. Our Motion Capture Stage and Sound Recording Studio are ready to accommodate projects from the simple to the mighty.  Our team will usher you through a seamless experience designed to help you accomplish your goals on time and within budget. Our current services include, but are not limited to:

Motion Capture
  • Data Capture
  • Post Processing
  • Virtual Sets and Props
  • Mobile Motion Capture
  • Virtual Camera
  • Helmet Cameras (HMC)
Rigging & Animation
  • Custom Body Rigs (Biped/Quadruped)
  • Custom Face Rigs (Blendshapes/Bones/Hybrid)
  • Dynamic Simulations
  • Body Animation
  • Facial Animation
  • Prop Animation
  • Looping and Blending
3D Scanning
  • Body and Face Scanning
  • FACS Blendshapes
  • Scan Clean Up and Retopology
  • UV Layout
  • Texture Cleaning
  • Shader Setup
Green Screen
  • Real-Time Live Action/CG Compositing
  • Digital Face Replacement
  • Pro Camera, Sound, and Lighting Packages Available

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