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OpenGate Entertainment, the entertainment industry leader in content curation, announced that they have taken their proven development process and created a new lower cost, self-guided option which includes access to OpenGate consulting expertise, high quality project deliverables, placement into the OpenGate Distribution, Financing & Production networks, and the ability to add services as needed for a more curated experience.

Capitalizing on the insatiable demand for content, OpenGate has spent the last 18 months developing truly original ideas and concepts sourced from the entire spectrum of voices and cultures, with a focus on full representation across the slate. Through OpenGate’s proprietary development process, OpenGate has access to the most diverse and sizable original content and concepts deal flow in the industry. With this near never-ending flow of Original Concepts and Ideas that are then fully developed and curated, a cutting-edge Project Portal makes it extremely efficient and effective to pinpoint the exact material that is on trend, highly marketable, and encompasses all the factors that lead to a successful and profitable project. In addition, OpenGate utilizes industry-leading and proprietary data analytic strategies and technology which are incorporated throughout the entire business to provide a competitive advantage over other entertainment companies currently in the industry.

“The utilization of one of our core competencies, technology, has allowed us to create a comprehensive service offering platform that now allows for lighter touch, yet still delvers the fully developed, high quality pitch packages that our customers have received to date,” indicates Mike Anderson, a Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Producer with OpenGate, “and this addition to our service offerings will allow for a significant expansion of our capabilities in the area of content development, of course leading to an increasing number of those projects being brought to life.”

“The ability for my team to extend our reach and offer our expertise to even more creators globally is really exciting,” says Luke Oberholtzer, Director of Development with OpenGate, “and this new offering will allow for precisely that. Over the course of the last 18 months we have provided our services to hundreds of creators all over the world, and these new capabilities will allow for even more customers to put their projects into a position where they are presented in the best light possible.”

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