OpenGate FAQ

How do I protect my idea?

WGA Registration and US Copyrighting are two steps every content creator should take.  Helpful information for each can be found at:

Does this cost money?

OpenGate Entertainment provides services to curate content and create a truly pitchable and truly salable version of your project, and these services are charged to our customers at the cost(s) incurred.

Does OpenGate invest in projects?

Yes! OpenGate Entertainment has a Productions arm that has invested in and produced Feature Film, Television and Documentary projects.

Where are you located?

OpenGate has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.

Can I meet with someone in person?

Yes, you can meet with us at any of our locations across the U.S.

Will OpenGate sign an NDA?

Yes, a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is available. You can download that NDA here to review.

Do you work with new writers?

Absolutely!  Some of the best ideas come from new writers.