OpenGate FAQ

How do I protect my idea?

WGA Registration and US Copyrighting are two steps every content creator should take.  Helpful information for each can be found at:

Does this cost money?

OpenGate Entertainment provides services to curate content and create a truly pitchable and truly salable version of your project, and these services are charged to our customers at the cost(s) incurred.

Does OpenGate invest in projects?

No! OpenGate Entertainment used to have a Productions arm that has invested in and produced Feature Film, Television and Documentary projects. We now focus on the development of your pitch set only. We work together with distribution/production companies to promote your project.

Where are you located?

OpenGate has offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.

Can I meet with someone in person?

Yes, you can meet with us at any of our locations across the U.S.

Will OpenGate sign an NDA?

Yes, a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is available. You can download that NDA here to review.

Do you work with new writers?

Absolutely!  Some of the best ideas come from new writers. 

Is Opengate going to get my project to a production company?

Opengate is not a distribution or production company. By the nature of our business, we have distribution and/or production companies that want to look at our catalog and see if they can pick up the project.