OpenGate Ventures

Curating Concepts & Ideas on a Massive Global Scale

A Content Gold Rush

OTT platforms such as Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, and Amazon, as well as the over 200+ more currently operating OTT’s have created a never before seen demand for content. The OTT Market is expected to reach over $300B Globally by 2025*, and there are over 50m households worldwide consuming OTT content today in the same time-of-day patterns as traditional TV viewers**.

With billions of Social Media users worldwide, influence is driving brand consumption in an ever increasing way. Content delivery is driving brand consumption.

The time is now for an innovative way to bring content to life, introducing OpenGate Entertainment.

The Mission

01. Identify

OpenGate Entertainment monetizes concepts and ideas from a global cross section of unrepresented content creators, Celebrities, and Social Media Influencers through world class digital marketing expertise and extensive social networks.

02. Package

These ideas are curated via proprietary, repeatable and scalable processes, where extensive research, analysis and packaging is done.

03. Capitalize

The resulting Ventures, be it entertainment content or consumer brands, are then capitalized and executed on via a corresponding Global Distribution Network where extreme acceleration is realized.

Flow – Identify

OpenGate identifies and targets:

The “Unrepresented”

Through OpenGate’s deep domain expertise in digital marketing, unrepresented content creators across a variety of entertainment mediums are targeted to get their ideas and concepts into the packaging process.


Leveraging OpenGate partnerships and relationships, celebrities are identified for which the buildout of content and brand eco- systems that would benefit from the suite of OpenGate services for execution and acceleration.

Social Media Influencers

As a result of OpenGate domain expertise, partnerships and relationships, Social Media Influencers are identified to create business endeavors of content and brands for consumption.


All ideas and concepts are analyzed to determine their viability through extensive market research conducted in conjunction with OpenGate’s expertise and OpenGate’s extensive relationships with industry experts (i.e. Entertainment, Consumer Brands, etc.).

Once viability has been verified, ideas and concepts are then packaged through OpenGate’s repeatable and scalable proprietary process(es), where they are taken from concept on through full development resulting in a polished final product ready for execution.

The resulting packages are then routed on to the capitalization phase as a venture for execution, acceleration, and global distribution.

Capitalize & Global Distribution

Ventures are capitalized and provided with the infrastructure required to be placed into a position where they are able to achieve the desired growth.

A consistent Joint Venture (JV) model is utilized to insure that OpenGate participates in the financial success of the venture.

OpenGate’s extensive Global Distribution Network is used to get the offering directly into the hands of the target audience.

Expertise - Digital Marketing And Networking

Leverage deep technical expertise of team & industry relationships

Ideas are identified through Targeted Digital Marketing generating inbound leads from defined targeted areas that our data has identified as the top indicators/components for successful creators.

• Analytics Driven
• Direct to content creator ads on social media platforms • Industry Relationships
• Industry Events

Expertise - Process

Decades of process automation and scalability expertise have built a robust analysis, research and processing engine.

Following a structured onboarding process, projects are:

Researched – Extensive research on idea, concept, and content viability

Analyzed – Analysis of project performed

Packaged – Each project is packaged through a structured development process

Ideas go from concept, on through to full development which results in a polished final product along with a fully executable plan for sale or Production.

Project then moves on to Execution & Acceleration phase.

Expertise - Execution & Acceleration

Data Analytics provide Distribution Managers with insight into where the project can be adopted quickly.

Execution Process undertaken:

  • Legal Entities Created
  • Corporate Infrastructure Created
  • Capitalization Secured
  • Project Placement Secured
  • Distribution Team executes process for Global Distribution