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MADISON, Wis.Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VNM USA announces ONE Entertainment and OpenGate Entertainment have purchased the film rights for The NFT Handbook and have begun production of the film under the working title: The NFT Revolution.

The NFT Revolution is a feature-length documentary that aims to provide audiences with a compelling and accessible explanation of the popularity of NFTs and explore the various controversies surrounding them such as their carbon footprint and whether or not NFTs are a bubble.

“We’re making this documentary for the people on Main Street – the people in middle America who’ve seen or heard about NFTs but haven’t gone much deeper than a headline on CNBC,” said Brent Johnson, CEO and Managing Partner at ONE Entertainment.

The NFT Revolution will feature futurists, technologists, and business people with an intricate knowledge of NFTs and how they will evolve – serving as an essential piece of media that will encourage participation from audiences and serve as a benchmark for the mainstream conversation.

“NFTs are such a fast moving target that it’s challenging to commit to a single NFT storyline, especially when the average timeline to produce a movie is typically 18 months or more. However, we’re facing this challenge head-on and are bringing in many NFT pioneers to help us be agile in the topics we include in the film,” said Mike Anderson, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at OpenGate Entertainment.

Using The NFT Handbook as a blueprint for the documentary, The NFT Revolution is poised to become a standard in NFT education – introducing millions of people to the substantial impact NFTs will have on countless industries.

ONE Entertainment Group is a Los Angeles-based multinational entertainment firm specializing in live event activations, global entertainment distribution, and coordinating multinational transactions.

OpenGate Entertainment creates cutting edge scripted and unscripted content across a variety of platforms, with a specialization in cultivating new talent, building a bridge for creators, and fostering diversity at all stages.

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