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OpenGate has had the pleasure of working with a number of amazing and creative content creators over the last year, we have helped them package, pitch and distribute their ideas to the people and companies that matter most in this industry. We wanted to take some time to share some of their reviews with you!


“OpenGate helped me take my passion project from page to screen, believing in me and my story when others wouldn’t. They’ve become such a significant part of my journey as an artist . They’re the people who want to make your dreams come true. After our first successful short film, we’ve been working together to develop the feature version. The process has been nothing short of exceptional. There aren’t enough thank you’s to express my gratitude to this kick-ass team.” – Victoria DeBlauss, Velvet. (Now Streaming On Amazon)


“I found the Process to be paced perfectly, with the writer being able to pick and choose his/her own deadline removing some of the pressure that might come along with working on a script in this fashion. I also found the feedback I received to be top notch, and thought that you guys did wonders for bringing the script to a higher level.” – Zach Zebrowitz, Good Morning Dove


I am so happy I found OpenGate and I can’t say enough good things about the entire Process. I had no idea coming into this what the Development Process was like and Shane did such an excellent job at explaining it and then guiding me through it. Shane also saw the potential of my creativity and what my story would become. Luke was invaluable in giving me feedback on my Pilot and teasing out all the details that would create a great story. I felt so supported, I learned so much, and I am super grateful to Shane and Luke who taught me what a strong Pilot and Story needs in order to stand out in this industry. I highly recommend OpenGate Entertainment. – Adrian Miranda, Gross Anatomy


A number of OpenGate clients have gone on to have their productions featured in numerous film festivals and publications. Ready to get your project packaged and ready for the big screens? Setup a time to chat with us here!

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