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OpenGate Entertainment, the largest curator of original concepts in the entertainment industry, has announced that Morris Entertainment has signed representation deals with OpenGate Customers. The agreements are representative of the value derived from an engagement with OpenGate Entertainment, and further enhances the stature and recognition that each of the creators is poised to receive.

Capitalizing on the insatiable demand for content, OpenGate has spent the last year plus developing truly original ideas and concepts sourced from the entire spectrum of voices and cultures, with a focus on full representation across the slate. Through OpenGate’s proprietary development process, OpenGate has access to the most diverse and sizable original content and concepts deal flow in the industry. With this near never-ending flow of Original Concepts and Ideas that are then fully developed and curated, a cutting-edge Project Portal makes it extremely efficient and effective to pinpoint the exact material that is on trend, highly marketable, and encompasses all the factors that lead to a successful and profitable project. In addition, OpenGate utilizes industry-leading and proprietary data analytic strategies and technology which are incorporated throughout the entire business to provide a competitive advantage over other entertainment companies currently in the industry.

“It was always our belief that with starting OpenGate that we would allow a diverse set of voices to have their stories told,” says Mike Anderson, a Co-Founder, Managing Partner & Producer with OpenGate, “and the representation that Morris Entertainment offers with OpenGate customers is just one more way in which we are able to bring value to our customers as a result of our engagements with them. Coupled with our ever-expanding distribution, financing & production networks, we continue to take the next steps in our evolution. Our ever-growing catalog coupled with these types of offerings for our customers, will continue to demonstrate the value we are providing.”

“I am so pleased with being able to gain representation from Morris Entertainment and would like to thank the entire OpenGate team for their efforts in helping me advance my prospects in the entertainment industry,” says Rebekah Kawin, creator of All’s Faire. “Without OpenGate’s help, I would have never been able to navigate the crazy world of Hollywood and be able to gain representation and I am looking forward to bringing my projects alive with the help of OpenGate and Tisha Morris.”

“The quality of the extensive OpenGate catalog, coupled with the extraordinary set of diverse voices it represents, creates an exciting opportunity to ensure these unique stories are told, by helping to facilitate the mobilization from script to screen,” says Tisha Morris, Esq. of Morris Entertainment. “I look forward to representing more of the talented creators that OpenGate is able to discover.”

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